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Kwin Palanuwech

Year: Junior
Major: Food Science & Human Nutrition

Kwin Palanuwech is a food science major who started working at the FSHN-PPP and IBRL in early 2018. He is a sophomore at the University of Illinois. He is interested in food processing, sensory evaluation and the research and development of commercial food products. He is working at the Food Science and Human Nutrition Pilot Processing Plant and Integrated Bio-energy Research Lab because he hopes to gain a better understanding about different food processing methods, experiences about the difficulties when processing foods, and the process of developing and testing food products. He has had two internships prior to working here at Kikkoman Singapore Pte Ltd, in Singapore and C.P Lotus, in Shanghai, China. Once he graduates he is interested in finding a career that involves either product development, sensory evaluation, or food processing. He is most interested in working with flavoring companies, beverage companies, snack companies, and seasoning companies.