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Analytical Equipment

The METTLER TOLEDO Refracto 30PX and 30GS are portable measuring devicessuited for determining the refractive index of liquids. These devices [...]

Thermo Scientific ™ Orion Star™ A210 series benchtop meters measurements can be taken quickly and reliably with the onscreen reading [...]

The HB43-S Moisture Analyzer contains a database of over 100 predefined methods whose parameters are eachcoordinated to a particular product [...]

The Thermo Scientific Precision Microprocessor Controlled 280 Series Water Bath. Temperature setpoint is easily adjusted/programmed from the front-mounted control panel. [...]

The CEM Labwave9000 Microwave Moisture/Solid Analyzer Model 910820 is designed for faster analysis with an integrated analytical balance, a digital [...]

CSZ’s Z-Plus Test Chambers are capable of simulating a variety of temperature and humidity conditions for environmental testing. The lowest [...]

The Dickey-John mini GAC is a handheld grain moisture tester that provides grain trade accuracy moisture readings. It is simple [...]

The Extech SDL200 is a 4-channel datalogging thermometer that can record data onto an SD card in Excel format for [...]

The Omni GLH, General Laboratory Homogenizer is a powerful, durable and versatilehomogenizer that can handle virtually any processing application. The [...]

The LabScan XE is a spectrophotometer from HunterLab that measures the color of samples of all forms, sizes, and textures. [...]

The doughLAB is a flexible dough rheometer with conventional z-arm mixing action and automated water addition. It determines flour water [...]

The Perten Inframatic 9500 is a near-infrared (NIR) grain analyzer that uses near-infrared spectrometry (NIR) technology to analyze grains and [...]