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FSHN-PPP Management

Title: Associate Director of Strategic Operations
Phone: (217) 300-5404

Brian Jacobson joined the FSHN-PPP in February 2012 and is responsible for management of the IBRL, FSHN-PPP, and associated programs. [...]

Title: Associate Director of Business Development
Phone: (217) 300-4543

Beth Conerty joined IBRL in December 2017 as the Business Development Manager, and has a joint appointment with the FSHN-PPP.  [...]

Title: Pilot Plant Specialist
Phone: (217) 300-5781

Jedi Brown joined the FSHN Pilot Processing Plant and Dining Services Team in Summer of 2017 as a Food Service [...]

Title: Junior Pilot Plant Specialist

Joe joined the FSHN Pilot Processing Plant in the Fall of 2023, after spending roughly 8 years in the craft beer [...]

Title: Pilot Plant Specialist

Drew joined the FSHN Pilot Processing Plant Team in January of 2024 as a Pilot Plant Specialist. He graduated in 2021 [...]