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Facility Areas

The FSHN-PPP has a variety of different spaces to assist in serving its mission.

Pilot Processing Plant

The Pilot Processing Plant is a flexible processing space where equipment can quickly be installed and made ready for various types of processing activities.  The space features a 24′ ceiling height with quick connect utilities (clean steam, process chill water, compressed air, domestic water, and DI water), along with distributed 208V 3-phase and available 460V 3-phase power.  A dedicated HVAC system and floor drains are integrated to ensure optimal temperatures and clean-ability of the space.  The processing spaces are separated to allow multiple activities to occur simultaneously.

Product Development Kitchen

The Product Development Kitchen is a commercial kitchen used for assisting with scale-up to the pilot plant, or to put ingredients made in the pilot plant into final food application for testing.  This space is used heavily by the FSHN Product Development class and club, classes held in the FSHN-PPP, and the ISFP.  Available equipment includes various types of ovens, cooktops, fryers, griddles, mixers, blenders, food processors, dough rollers, utensils, pots/pans, and more.

Food Analysis Laboratory

The Food Analysis Laboratory is used for quick validation of processes in the pilot plant or sample preparation.  Features include bench space, storage, a chemical hood, analysis equipment, and temperature control chambers.  Additional equipment is available in other laboratories in the building.

Conference Room

The conference room is located directly off of the gowning room and is available to users of the facility to serve as an area to prepare for classes or projects, hold discussions, take breaks, or hold meetings.



Workshop, Dock, & Storage

The FSHN-PPP has several support spaces critical to ensuring smooth operation of the facility.  A fork truck and other material handling equipment are available to move incoming equipment and materials.  A fully-equipped workshop ensures equipment is well-built and maintained, or can quickly be repaired.  A variety of storage conditions are available, including dry storage and cold rooms at -15F, -5F, -8F, and 38F.


Floor Plan