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External Partners

The Food Science & Human Nutrition Pilot Processing Plant is very thankful for the support of its corporate partners.

List of Corporate Donors – Equipment

Archer Daniels Midland – Microthermics HTST/UHT with clean fill hood

PepsiCo – Armfield HTST/UHT, oat mill, 5 gallon kettle, enrober/seasoning drum, volumetric feeder, flavor bins, conveyor, and other miscellaneous items

Kraft-Heinz – Various homogenizers, centrifugal pump, 5 gallon kettle, large tank, temperature control chambers, and other miscellaneous items

Barilla – Homogenizer, fume hood, dough divider/rounder, tray sealer, refrigerator, freezer, and other miscellaneous items

Kellogg’s Corporation – Vertical form fill seal dry product packaging machine

Hormel Foods – Buhler 44mm twin-screw extruder

Buhler Group – Aeroglide fluidized-bed dryer, technical expertise, and technologist time

Murzan – 3″ Diaphragm Pump