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Fruit and Vegetable Processing

The Urschel Comitrol Processor Model 1700 is a milling machine that produces slices, flakes, shreds, viscous slurries, and purees from [...]

Langsenkamp Laboratory Model 150 has an approximate capacity of 1 to 2.5 tons per hour and can handle products down [...]

Hot Break System generates a thermal treatment that completely inactivates pectin enzyme activity, resulting in a higher viscosity end-product.

The Urschel Model G Dicer is a three-dimensional continuous cutting machine that can produce slices, strip cuts, or dice. It’s [...]

The Hallde RG-1 is a high-speed, high-volume food cutter, chopper, dicer, grater, processor, shredder, and slicer. It can slice, dice, [...]

The TDC/3 is a tilting, table-top kettle with a direct steam-heated jacket. The one-piece stainless steel body includes a butterfly-shaped [...]

Horizontal pitched straight tube exchanger for condensing vapors on the tube side by cooling with 55F water on the shell [...]

Omcan PE-BR-0004 Garlic Peeler with 8 lbs. capacity. The peeling cycle is capable of high speeds with minimal product waste. [...]

X-6 Six-Layer Press.Epoxy coated hydraulic unit with SS juice pan and food-grade poly press racks. Grinder mounts above stainless steel [...]

For de-stoning of cherries, plums, sour cherries, apricots, peaches, mangoes,… A sieve with Ø 5mm perforation is built into the [...]