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Product Development Kitchen Equipment

Imperial Range ICVE-2 double-deck two-door convection electric oven with a two-speed motor. This electric unit boasts independent time and temperature [...]

This medium-duty Cayenne electric fryer from Vollrath is ideal for preparing crisp fried foods in a fully-welded oil tank with [...]

The Star 536TGF Star-Max® electric griddle has a heating element placed every 12 inches to ensure evenly distributed heat. Since [...]

Press, or flatten tortillas in seconds with this manual tortilla press. This 8” diameter manual tortilla press features a lever [...]

The Robot Coupe R401 is a food processor and vegetable preparation machine in one. It has a 4.5-liter stainless steel [...]

This cabinet is designed to hold the temperature of heated foods. It is not designed nor intended to heat cold [...]

The Dutchess BMIH Dough Divider will divide a single large piece of dough into either 36 or 18 equal pieces, [...]

Butcher Boy electric meat, fish, and bone cutting machine model B12.

Microwave assisted electric fryer is faster than conventional fryer 1.5 times. Microwave helps increase production throughput. The end product is [...]

The Oliver Model 641 Dough Roller allows crusts of uniform thickness to be made quickly and easily. It is ideal [...]

VACMASTER BS116 Impulse Bag Sealer has a 16″ seal bar. It also includes a 5mm wide seal, and heavy-duty stainless [...]

The Lil’ Orbits Model SS1200 mini-donut machine is completely automated. It cooks both sides, then automatically flips out the cooked [...]

The Bakers Pride DP-2 is a countertop oven ideal for baking, roasting, and cooking pan pizzas. It has two independently [...]

The Somerset CDR-2100 is a dough roller and sheeter designed to withstand the demands of the food service industry. It [...]

The Bunn Ultra 2 is a slushie machine with two 3-gallon hoppers and a drink-thickness setting. Two large product hoppers [...]

including LEM 10″ meat slicer model #1020, LEM dual gear sausage stuffer, LEM big bite electric meat grinder, LEM #654 [...]

Globe GSM175 spiral mixer keeps the amount of heat and air in your dough to a minimum for larger yields [...]