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Allpax 3802 Retort – Gentle Motion



The Allpax 3802 retort is capable of processing various sizes of food and beverage cans, pouches, jars, and bowls with either static or gentle motion agitation. The 38″ diameter retort is perfect for processing small batches of trial product, or larger quantities of samples for use in sensory evaluations, as trade show samples, or for pet feed studies.

This retort uses Allpax’s producion level “Monitor” control system with recipe control, secure operator restrictions, and process data logging. In combination with our DataTrace temperature monitoring probes, full reports of process conditions are available for use in quality control, scale-up, or co-man transfer.

This retort is outfit for saturated steam, water spray/cascade, and single-tank water immersion processing modes. It also allows for over-pressure processing during cooking or cooling steps.



Utility Details

  • Cold H2O
  • Process H2O
  • Drain
  • Clean Steam
  • Air
Voltage: 208
Amps: 45
Phase: 3