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Armfield HTST/UHT



A miniature scale HTST/ UHT processing system optimized for product development use. UHT throughputs are up to 20lph for product and 120lph for CIP, and pasteurization throughputs are up to 50lph (Plate Heat Exchanger) with process temperatures up to 150 ̊C. A novel feature is the feed pump which has two speed ranges. A low-speed range for UHT processing and a higher range for clean in place (CIP) or for processing at higher throughputs and lower temperatures. The flow rate is fully variable in each range. The feed pump is a hygienic progressing cavity pump controlled by a state-of-the-art frequency inverter which compensates for any slip in the pump drive motor. Thus the flow rate of the product can be determined to an accuracy sufficient for many purposes directly from the pump speed setting.

Utility Details

  • Cold H2O
  • Process H2O
  • Drain
Voltage: 208
Amps: 30
Phase: 3
NEMA: L15-20