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Kreuzmayr Bottle, Jug, and BIB Filler



The Kreuzmayr KRF 6/8 Bottle Filler is a filling system that can fill liquids hot or cold into bottles ranging from 0.2 to 2 liters. The system can fill bottles of different heights using a stainless steel filling valve. The KRF 6/8 can also fill fruit juices into different closure systems. The Kreuzmayr KBF 2000 Bag in Box Filler is a semi-automatic filler that can be used for hot or cold filling of liquids into bag-in-box bags. It can fill fruit or vegetable juices, pressurized drinks like beer or cider, and other liquids. The KBF 2000 has a digital display for setting the desired filling volume. It has a nominal output of 10 liters per hour for 5-liter bags.

Utility Details

  • Air
  • Specialty Gas*
Voltage: 230
Amps: 6
Phase: 1