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The Welly Puffing Machine is a small single-screw extruder designed for use with whole-grain rice.  Due to its simplistic design [...]

The Krispy Kist enrober/coating tumbler is used for applying seasonings to snacks, chips, and extruded foods.  Capacity is 10-12lbs of [...]

The Buhler 44mm twin-screw extruder is capable of a wide range of products, including direct-expanded snacks and cereals, protein crisps, [...]

The FlavorWright All-in-One™ seasoning system by PPM Technologies is a compact flavoring application system that integrates both liquid and dry [...]

A grain puffing machine is a portable, non-flammable machine that removes impurities and potential from the grain. It is used [...]

The Unifiller Uni-X Extruder is a cookie depositor machine that uses gentle extrusion technology to increase production yield and precision. [...]